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We have exciting plans with all major features starting as low as $99 USD per month

WordPress is an amazing user friendly website platform. To keep your Wordpress website running smoothly, protecting your site from security risks and avoiding data loss, we need to make few updates on time. Our customized monthly WordPress maintenance package helps you with it.

Package Cost (USD)
Monthly $99 Interested
Quarterly (10% offer) $270 Interested
Annually (20% offer) $960 Interested

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Features Included Description
WordPress Core Update Whenever there is a new release available. This update will be handled when installed plugins are supported to the newer version of WordPress release.
WordPress Plugin Updates Plugins can be broken or degraded after WordPress updates, so these should also be verified after any kind of update.
Theme Update Themes and theme frameworks should be verified after updating, just like core updates and plugin updates.
Broken Link Scan We will scan your website once in a month to check for the broken link and fix them based on your advice.
Compatibility Support This support will be given for minor mobile or cross screen fixtures, in case someimages, contents or videos do not work/not compatible with other screen sizes or browsers.
Content Management Assistance Updating the pages or blogs or any other works on the website for maximum 1 hour.
Discounted Development Costs Our standard hourly rate is 20 USD, which you can avail at 18 USD for any additional website maintenance and support services.

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