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Market Research Analysis

Every small business owner anywhere in the world faces one common challenge. The challenge of identifying new opportunities and markets, gaining competitive advantage and improving profitability especially when you are short on resources and time. While large businesses may have the scale and access to deep research and analytical skills, small businesses seldom do. Every business, irrespective of size and industry can benefit from becoming analytics driven and through decision making that is based on research insights. From developing a business plan for early stage companies to analyzing factors such as competition, market trends, geography and positioning or providing actionable solutions for optimizing costs and improving the bottom line.

GetFriday Ace can offer a range of services across verticals to assist turning data into information, and information into insight. By leveraging our research and analytics experience, we can facilitate faster and smarter business decision-making. Through our extended team of experts with prior experience in serving Fortune 500 companies, we have the competency to create measurable value through insightful analytics, well-written research reports and in-depth financial analysis. At Ace, we believe in empowering small businesses with the power of analytics driven insights.

  • Business Plan Writing (Idea evaluation, Operating model, Market positioning, Scenario planning)
  • Market Research (Customized research reports, Company / industry specific, Business presentation)
  • Analytics (Marketing analytics, Customer segmentation & profitability, Product / Service portfolio optimization)
  • Financial Analysis (Annual reports, Sector / Industry benchmarking, Financial forecasting, Business valuation, Scenario planning)
  • Business Plan Writing
    Challenge : A hotel company wanted to setup a high end luxury resort in Mexico and need to understand viability and the right location
    Methodology :
  • Customised Research Reports
    Challenge : The business continuity department looking to rollout an organization wide resilience framework needed to understand the most relevant one for its organisation.
    Methodology :
  • Financial Analysis
    Challenge : Would it make financial sense for a business operating across 3 verticals to divest one of the verticals?
    Methodology :
  • Analytics
    Challenge : A small business sourcing from China was looking for ways to optimise its costs using supply chain analytics.
    Methodology :
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VB and Weka
Excel Macros, Pivot Tables
Access to extensive proprietary databases
Access to research reports from reputed institutions
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  • Testimonials

  • As Senior Quality Manager in packaging industry, handling and analysis of data is a part of my daily work. Increased demand lead to improved possibilities through changes in our system, resulting in significantly increased workload. Based on good experience with GetFriday services in my side business (photography – image processing – web design as freelancer), I decided to use GetFriday competences and flexibility in my main business as well to outsource

    • the development of analytical/statistical tools
    • the maintenance of data files
    • the routine analysis and creation of presentable results in Power Point
    The quality of the performed development and regular data analysis is very important as the results may lead to investments for corrective actions. The results delivered from GetFriday are reliable and of very good quality. The communication and follow up is easy due to sustainable contacts. Competence and flexibility of my contacts allow me to work on my key areas in my business, and to think about further business improvement. I’ll therefore further increase the business with GetFriday.
    Senior Quality Manager
  • place holder
    As a CEO of a startup organization in a competitive industry I often find myself balancing many competing priorities which are sometimes difficult to juggle. The team at Get Friday have helped me enormously in effectively managing the demands running a growing business - effectively freeing up my time to work 'on the business' rather than 'in the business'. They have helped me on numerous projects including research, document development and general administrative tasks. Their pricing structure suits my current needs and the quality of output is excellent.
    CEO of an Australian start up
  • place holder
    As a new customer, I am extremely impressed with GetFriday. The final product they delivered was professional, easy to understand and met all requirements. Their customer service is fantastic! I will definitely be working with them in the future.
    - Chase Schaap
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