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Staff Recruitment

If you are a small or mid-size firm in the recruitment & staffing sector, you would certainly understand the challenges associated with competing in a very dynamic market. The whole process of continuously identifying the right talent and managing staffing efficiently, alongside juggling the mundane but unavoidable administrative paperwork can be truly taxing. Your team is required to multi-task on activities such as identifying profiles, managing databases, pre-screening, scheduling interviews, timesheet tracking and invoices, while being ever vigilant of new job opportunities in the marketplace. All of these are not only time consuming and labor intensive but also stretch your finite resources to their limit, sometimes to detrimental effect.

At GetFriday Ace, we provide custom solutions to match business processes that may be unique to your organization. From being adept at making job postings to handling enquiries across portals such as ziprecruiter.com, we have handled the entire spectrum of tasks. We provide a smooth and seamless work flow integration into your activities; right from procuring resumes via job boards and business networking sites like LinkedIn to managing CRM updates via Salesforce or even trusting us with payroll processing on a periodic basis. So whether you are a recruitment firm or a staffing one with positions under your payroll, Ace can make a difference.

  • New Jobs (Researching, Job ads, Approvals & Uploads, Managing account)
  • Resumes (Searching, Custom formatting, Tagging, Managing database)
  • CRM (Updating profiles, Job history, Specialization, Job opportunities)
  • Screening (Pre-screening, Reference checks)
  • Interviews (Scheduling, Post interview follow up)
  • Lead Generation (Newsletters, Campaign management, Lead sourcing)
  • Billing (Time sheet management, Tracking positions hired, Invoicing)
  • Payroll processing (Consultant time logged, Payroll and Paychecks)
  • IT Support (Troubleshooting tech issues, Answering queries)
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Salesforce, ZipRecruiter, Intuit, Application tracking software such as Resumate, Job Boards
Profile Sourcing
Job Boards, Jigsaw, LinkedIn
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  • Get friday is a multi-skilled team of committed specialists who can help with a myriad of tasks, or in fact multi-tasking. I utiise them mostly for database entry and dictation typing, have found them useful for internet research, and I am only limited by my imagination in how to send them more work. Thoroughly recommend them.
    Christopher Young
    Colorectal Surgeon
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