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Retail Ecommerce



Are you a small scale business owner struggling to manage the peak season traffic?

Do you want to harness the power of Social media but just don't have time to do it?

At GetFriday Ace, we understand these challenges and more, we can seamlessly handle every aspect of your online business like a good partner should. We have the experience and the domain expertise to be able to help you deal with the peak season traffic to your website.

We also offer services like order processing, product catalog management, customer support services, and inventory management on Amazon & eBay marketplace to Small Businesses in the e-commerce industry.

  • Order Processing & Payments (Verification, Billing, Shipping, Refunds)
  • Customer Support (Email, Phone, Chat, After business hours support)
  • Inventory & Logistics (Inventory tracking, Fulfilment centers & Warehouse coordination)
  • Risk Mitigation (Identification, Blocking fraudulent transactions)
  • Product Catalog Management(Updating products, Images, New launches)
  • Feedback Management (Grievances, Testimonials, Social media, Online reputation)
  • Marketing (Promotions & Digital marketing including social media)
  • Strategic (Product Launches, Sales / Market analysis, Inventory analysis)
  • End-to-End Storefront Management (eBay, Amazon Marketplace)
  • Business Process Optimization (Data analytics, Process improvement, Quality systems)
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Sales / CRM / E-commerce Tools:
Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Magento, Bigcommerce, osCommerce, Shopify, Volusion
Online Marketplace:
eBay, Amazon Storefront, Yahoo Store, Etsy, notonthehighstreet
Project Management Tools:
Basecamp, Zoho, Trello
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  • Testimonials

  • I look at GetFriday as a trusted business partner and consider their employees an extension of our team. Over the years my effort has been to build repeatable processes around critical business functions and then hand them off to GetFriday. Thanks to the quality of the team that works with me on a daily basis, and also to the support I receive from their management, I have a high degree of confidence, which is substantiated by daily execution of work, that committed work will get done on time every time. I look forward to growing my association with GetFriday as we continue to build our business.
    Sandip Sarwate
  • We’ve been integrating Get Friday’s services into our daily operations for almost a year now and the results have been better than expected. The key, we found, was to adjust our procedures to match their process dependent model. They communicate well on Skype and, even half way around the world, mesh well with our team. Get Friday has also been great about taking on one-off tasks, when we need the help, as well as routine, daily operational duties.
    Daniel Relich
    VP of E-Commerce
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