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Finance Insurance

For a small or medium firm in the BFSI sector, it is pivotal to be able to provide a wide range of solutions to clients in order to survive and thrive in a highly competitive market. The need to differentiate your service from competition and bring new products to market much quicker than competition is acute. All this needs to be done while driving operational efficiency and containing costs. For small businesses, it means a huge strain on resources to simultaneously handle administrative and non-core processes such as tracking agents / sales commissions or mundane paperwork and payroll processes. Focusing on one, could come at the expenses of the other. The key to success lies in being able to streamline your processes and improve business efficiency.

GetFriday Ace can assist on these time consuming processes and help you enhance performance, increase flexibility and reduce costs. That will also enable you to focus on critical tasks that drive your business, like adding new carriers or financial products to your portfolio or restructuring your offerings to maximize profits. Our operational support can smoothly integrate into your processes; whether it is back office tasks like accounting, leads tracking, reports or more specialized tasks such as handling Agency Management / Integrator Systems to monitor and track efficiency of the sales teams. With Ace, you have the perfect business partner to help you grow.

  • Lead Management (Generation, Validation, Qualification, Pre-sales)
  • Commissions (Statements from insurance carriers, Disbursal to agents)
  • Reports (Standard / on-demand reports, Phone call reports, Premium reports)
  • Analytics (Performance dashboard, Reports on stocks and companies)
  • Updates & Monitoring (Rate revisions, New carriers, Real-time trade monitor)
  • Financial Analysis (Financial statements, Analysis reports)
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Leads360 / Velocity (Lead Management), 411.com (Contact Search)
AgenciesHQ.com, Agency Integrator (Agency Management system)
Vitalsalessuite.com (LI sales tool)
Meta Trader, Interactivebrokers.com (Trade Monitoring)
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  • Testimonials

  • I use Getfriday as an integral "cog" in my business. The tasks handed over to the Getfriday support team are not only instrumental in the profitability of my business, they are also the backbone of the systems deployed by my company. These tasks are of very high importance, and need to be carried out by an extremely competent team. Getfriday has continually proved to be a company I can rely upon to carry out the processes and tasks assigned to them, and I am extremely impressed with their professionalism, work ethic and talent.
    G K Kaushal
    Forex business owner
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